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Publications Citing Global Leaf Area Index from Field Measurements, 1932-2000

The following 44 publications cited the product Global Leaf Area Index from Field Measurements, 1932-2000.

Year Citation
2016 Drastig, Katrin;Libra, Judy;Kraatz, Simone;Koch, Hagen; (2016) Relationship between irrigation water demand and yield of selected crops in Germany between 1902 and 2010: a modeling study.Environmental Earth Sciences. 75(22): .
2016 Drastig, Katrin;Prochnow, Annette;Libra, Judy;Koch, Hagen;Rolinski, Susanne; (2016) Irrigation water demand of selected agricultural crops in Germany between 1902 and 2010.Science of The Total Environment. 569-570(): 1299-1314.
2016 Glaser, Barbara;Klaus, Julian;Frei, Sven;Frentress, Jay;Pfister, Laurent;Hopp, Luisa; (2016) On the value of surface saturated area dynamics mapped with thermal infrared imagery for modeling the hillslope-riparian-stream continuum.Water Resources Research. 52(10): 8317-8342.
2016 Hirabayashi, Satoshi;Nowak, David J.; (2016) Comprehensive national database of tree effects on air quality and human health in the United States.Environmental Pollution. 215(): 48-57.
2015 de Moura, Yhasmin Mendes; Hilker, Thomas; Lyapustin, Alexei I.; Galvao, Lenio Soares; dos Santos, Joao Roberto; Anderson, Liana O.; de Sousa, Celio Helder Resende; Arai, Egidio (2015). Seasonality and drought effects of Amazonian forests observed from multi-angle satellite data, Remote Sensing of Environment, 171 ().
2015 Liu, Yuqin; Meng, Qingyan; Zhang, Jiahui; Zhang, Linlin; Jancso, Tamas; Vatseva, Rumiana (2015). An effective Building Neighborhood Green Index model for measuring urban green space, International Journal of Digital Earth, Online Ahead of Print ().
2015 Marin-Guirao, Lazaro; Bernardeau-Esteller, Jaime; Ruiz, Juan Manuel; Sandoval-Gil, Jose Miguel (2015). Resistance of Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadows to the spread of the introduced green alga Caulerpa cylindracea: assessment of the role of light, Biological Invasions, 17 (7).
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2013 Nikodem A., Kodešová, Radka, Bubení,ková, Libuše.; (2013) Simulation of the influence of rainfall redistribution in spruce and beech forest on the leaching of Al and SO4 2-from forest soils. Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics. 61 (1): 39-49.
2013 Pastorella F., Paletto, A.; (2013) Forest canopy analysis in the Alpine environment: comparison among assessment methods. Journal of Silviculture and Forest Ecology. 10 (2): 43-54.
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