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Publications Citing VEMAP 2: U.S. Monthly Climate, 1895-1993, Version 2

The following 4 publications cited the product VEMAP 2: U.S. Monthly Climate, 1895-1993, Version 2.

Year Citation
2004 Gordon, W. S.; Famiglietti, J. S.; Fowler, N. L.; Kittel, T. G. F.; Hibbard, K. A.; (2004). Validation of simulated runoff from six terrestrial ecosystem models: Results from VEMAP. Ecological Applications. 14 (2): 527-545.
2002 Jenkins, J. P.; Braswell, B. H.; Frolking, S. E.; Aber, J. D.; (2002). Detecting and predicting spatial and interannual patterns of temperate forest springtime phenology in the eastern U.S. Geophys. Res. Lett. 29 (24): 2201.
2002 Mickler, R. A.; Earnhardt, T. S.; Moore, J. A.; (2002). Regional estimation of current and future forest biomass. Environmental Pollution. 116 Supplement 1 (0): S7-S16.
2002 Mickler, R.A.; Earnhardt, T.S.; Moore, J.A.; (2002). Modeling and spatially distributing forest net primary production at the regional scale. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association. 52 (4): 407-415.