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Publications Citing Global Soil Data Products CD-ROM Contents (IGBP-DIS)

The following 21 publications cited the product Global Soil Data Products CD-ROM Contents (IGBP-DIS).

Year Citation
2017 Bai, Yun; Zhang, Jiahua; Zhang, Sha; Koju, Upama Ashish; Yao, Fengmei; Igbawua, Tertsea (2017) Using precipitation, vertical root distribution, and satellite-retrieved vegetation information to parameterize water stress in a Penman-Monteith approach to evapotranspiration modeling under Mediterranean climate.Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems. 9(1): 168-192.
2017 Walters, D.; Boutle, I.; Brooks, M.; Melvin, T.; Stratton, R.; Vosper, S.; Wells, H.; Williams, K.; Wood, N.; Allen, T.; Bushell, A.; Copsey, D.; Earnshaw, P.; Edwards, J.; Gross, M.; Hardiman, S.; Harris, C.; Heming, J.; Klingaman, N.; Levine, R.; Manner (2017) The Met Office Unified Model Global Atmosphere 6.0/6.1 and JULES Global Land 6.0/6.1 configurations.Geosci. Model Dev.. 10(4): 1487-1520.
2017 Zhu, Qiuan; Peng, Changhui; Ciais, Philippe; Jiang, Hong; Liu, Jinxun; Bousquet, Philippe; Li, Shiqin; Chang, Jie; Fang, Xiuqin; Zhou, Xiaolu; Chen, Huai; Liu, Shirong; Lin, Guanghui; Gong, Peng; Wang, Meng; Wang, Han; Xiang, Wenhua; Chen, Jing (2017) Interannual variation in methane emissions from tropical wetlands triggered by repeated El Niño Southern Oscillation.Global Change Biology. Early View Article(): .
2016 Groot Zwaaftink, C. D.;Grythe, H.;Skov, H.;Stohl, A.; (2016) Substantial contribution of northern high-latitude sources to mineral dust in the Arctic.Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 121(22): 13,678-13,697.
2015 Shafer, Sarah L.; Bartlein, Patrick J.; Gray, Elizabeth M.; Pelltier, Richard T. (2015). Projected Future Vegetation Changes for the Northwest United States and Southwest Canada at a Fine Spatial Resolution Using a Dynamic Global Vegetation Model, PLoS ONE, 10 (10).
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2015 Tian, Hanqin; Chen, Guangsheng; Lu, Chaoqun; Xu, Xiaofeng; Ren, Wei; Zhang, Bowen; Banger, Kamaljit; Tao, Bo; Pan, Shufen; Liu, Mingliang; Zhang, Chi; Bruhwiler, Lori; Wofsy, Steven (2015). Global methane and nitrous oxide emissions from terrestrial ecosystems due to multiple environmental changes, Ecosystem Health and Sustainability, 1 (1).
2015 Ummenhofer, Caroline C.; Xu, Hong; Twine, Tracy E.; Girvetz, Evan H.; McCarthy, Heather R.; Chhetri, Netra; Nicholas, Kimberly A. (2015). How Climate Change Affects Extremes in Maize and Wheat Yield in Two Cropping Regions, Journal of Climate, 28 (12).
2015 Wang, Shusen; Pan, Ming; Mu, Qiaozhen; Shi, Xiaoying; Mao, Jiafu; Brummer, Christian; Jassal, Rachhpal S; Krishnan, Praveena; Li, Junhua; Black, T Andrew (2015). Comparing Evapotranspiration from Eddy Covariance Measurements, Water Budgets, Remote Sensing, and Land Surface Models over Canada a, b, Journal of Hydrometeorology, 16 (4).
2015 Yi, Y.; Kimball, J. S.; Rawlins, M. A.; Moghaddam, M.; Euskirchen, E. S. (2015). The role of snow cover affecting boreal-arctic soil freeze–thaw and carbon dynamics, Biogeosciences, 12 (19).
2009 Kimball, J. S.,Jones, L. A.,Zhang, K.,Heinsch, F. A.,McDonald, K. C.,Oechel, W. C.; (2009). A Satellite Approach to Estimate Land-Atmosphere CO2 Exchange for Boreal and Arctic Biomes Using MODIS and AMSR-E. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing. 47 (2): 569-587.
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