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Publications Citing Global Soil Profile Data (ISRIC-WISE)

The following 5 publications cited the product Global Soil Profile Data (ISRIC-WISE).

Year Citation
2017 Zhang, Y., A. Biswas, and V.I. Adamchuk. 2017. Implementation of a sigmoid depth function to describe change of soil pH with depth. Geoderma. 289:1-10.
2013 Minasny, B., A.B. McBratney, B.P. Malone, and I. Wheeler. 2013. Digital Mapping of Soil Carbon. 118:1-47.
2012 Gaughan, A.E., F.R. Stevens, C. Gibbes, J. Southworth, and M.W. Binford. 2012. Linking vegetation response to seasonal precipitation in the Okavango-Kwando-Zambezi catchment of southern Africa. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 33(21):6783-6804.
2012 TACHIIRI, K., A. ITO, T. HAJIMA, J.C. HARGREAVES, J.D. ANNAN, and M. KAWAMIYA. 2012. Nonlinearity of Land Carbon Sensitivities in Climate Change Simulations. Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. 90A:259-274.
2009 Tian, H., G. Chen, C. Zhang, J.M. Melillo, and C.A.S. Hall. 2009. Pattern and variation of C:N:P ratios in China's soils: a synthesis of observational data. Biogeochemistry. 98(1-3):139-151.