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Publications Citing Global Data Set of Derived Soil Properties, 0.5-Degree Grid (ISRIC-WISE)

The following 27 publications cited the product Global Data Set of Derived Soil Properties, 0.5-Degree Grid (ISRIC-WISE).

Year Citation
2023 Kim, Y., H. Park, J.S. Kimball, A. Colliander, and M.F. McCabe. 2023. Global estimates of daily evapotranspiration using SMAP surface and root-zone soil moisture. Remote Sensing of Environment. 298:113803.
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2015 Mega, N.O., V.W. Scalco, G.W.G. Atencio, A.B.B.D. Morais, and H.P. Romanowski. 2015. Battus polydamas(Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) Uses the Open-FieldAristolochia sessilifolia(Piperales: Aristolochiaceae) as Its Host Plant in Uruguayan Savanna Areas. Florida Entomologist. 98(2):762-769.
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