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Publications Citing BOREAS CD-ROM Set, 12 disks

The following 3 publications cited the product BOREAS CD-ROM Set, 12 disks.

Year Citation
2007 St. Laurent, M. E. and C. Valeo; (2007). Large-scale distributed watershed modelling for reservoir operations in cold boreal regions. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering. 34 (4): 525-538.
2006 Bernier, P.Y., P. Bartlett, T.A. Black, A. Barr, N. Kljun, and J.H. McCaughey.; (2006). Drought constraints on transpiration and canopy conductance in mature aspen and jack pine stands. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 140 (1-4): 64-78.
2006 Zhou, X., C. Peng, and Q.-L. Dang.; (2006). Formulating and parameterizing the allocation of net primary productivity for modeling overmature stands in boreal forest ecosystems. Ecological Modelling. 195 (3-4): 264-272.