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Publications Citing BOREAS CD-ROM Set, 12 disks

The following 3 publications cited the product BOREAS CD-ROM Set, 12 disks.

Year Citation
2007 St. Laurent, M.E. and C. Valeo. 2007. Large-scale distributed watershed modelling for reservoir operations in cold boreal regions. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering. 34(4):525-538.
2006 Bernier, P.Y., P. Bartlett, T.A. Black, A. Barr, N. Kljun, and J.H. McCaughey. 2006. Drought constraints on transpiration and canopy conductance in mature aspen and jack pine stands. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 140(1-4):64-78.
2006 Zhou, X., C. Peng, and Q.L. Dang. 2006. Formulating and parameterizing the allocation of net primary productivity for modeling overmature stands in boreal forest ecosystems. Ecological Modelling. 195(3-4):264-272.