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Publications Citing Global 30-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1961-1990 (New et al.)

The following 13 publications cited the product Global 30-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1961-1990 (New et al.).

Year Citation
2022 Crichton, K.A., K. Anderson, D.J. Charman, and A. Gallego-Sala. 2022. Seasonal climate drivers of peak NDVI in a series of Arctic peatlands. Science of The Total Environment. 838:156419.
2019 Sørensen, M.V., B.J. Graae, A. Classen, B.J. Enquist, and R. Strimbeck. 2019. Drivers of C cycling in three arctic-alpine plant communities. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research. 51(1):128-147.
2018 Sørensen, M.V., B.J. Graae, D. Hagen, B.J. Enquist, K.O. Nystuen, and R. Strimbeck. 2018. Experimental herbivore exclusion, shrub introduction, and carbon sequestration in alpine plant communities. BMC Ecology. 18(1).
2017 Sørensen, M.V., R. Strimbeck, K.O. Nystuen, R.E. Kapas, B.J. Enquist, and B.J. Graae. 2017. Draining the Pool? Carbon Storage and Fluxes in Three Alpine Plant Communities. Ecosystems. 21(2):316-330.
2013 Kocman, D., M. Horvat, N. Pirrone, and S. Cinnirella. 2013. Contribution of contaminated sites to the global mercury budget. Environmental Research. 125:160-170.
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2010 Ise, T., C.M. Litton, C.P. Giardina, and A. Ito. 2010. Comparison of modeling approaches for carbon partitioning: Impact on estimates of global net primary production and equilibrium biomass of woody vegetation from MODIS GPP. Journal of Geophysical Research. 115(G4):
2009 BJERRING, R., E. BECARES, S. DECLERCK, E.M. GROSS, L. HANSSON, T. KAIRESALO, M. NYKÄNEN, A. HALKIEWICZ, R. KORNIJÓW, J.M. CONDE-PORCUNA, M. SEFERLIS, T. NÕGES, B. MOSS, S.L. AMSINCK, B.V. ODGAARD, and E. JEPPESEN. 2009. Subfossil Cladocera in relation to contemporary environmental variables in 54 Pan-European lakes. Freshwater Biology. 54(11):2401-2417.
2007 Sobek, S., L.J. Tranvik, Y.T. Prairie, P. Kortelainen, and J.J. Cole. 2007. Patterns and regulation of dissolved organic carbon: An analysis of 7,500 widely distributed lakes. Limnology and Oceanography. 52(3):1208-1219.
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2004 Song, M., C. Zhou, and H. Ouyang. 2004. Distributions of Dominant Tree Species on the Tibetan Plateau under Current and Future Climate Scenarios. Mountain Research and Development. 24(2):166-173.[0166:dodtso];2[0166:dodtso];2
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