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Publications Citing BOREAS TE-18 Geosail Canopy Reflectance Model

The following 4 publications cited the product BOREAS TE-18 Geosail Canopy Reflectance Model.

Year Citation
2021 Huemmrich, K.F., S. Vargas Zesati, P. Campbell, and C. Tweedie. 2021. Canopy reflectance models illustrate varying NDVI responses to change in high latitude ecosystems. Ecological Applications. 31(8):
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2003 Verhoef, W. and H. Bach. 2003. Simulation of hyperspectral and directional radiance images using coupled biophysical and atmospheric radiative transfer models. Remote Sensing of Environment. 87(1):23-41.
2001 Huemmrich, K.F. 2001. The GeoSail model: a simple addition to the SAIL model to describe discontinuous canopy reflectance. Remote Sensing of Environment. 75(3):423-431.