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Publications Citing BOREAS TE-01 SSA Soil Lab Data

The following 6 publications cited the product BOREAS TE-01 SSA Soil Lab Data.

Year Citation
2017 Smith, C. D.; Kontu, A.; Laffin, R.; Pomeroy, J. W. (2017) An assessment of two automated snow water equivalent instruments during the WMO Solid Precipitation Intercomparison Experiment.The Cryosphere. 11(1): 101-116.
2015 Stockmann, Uta; Padarian, Jose; McBratney, Alex; Minasny, Budiman; de Brogniez, Delphine; Montanarella, Luca; Hong, Suk Young; Rawlins, Barry G.; Field, Damien J. (2015). Global soil organic carbon assessment, Global Food Security, 6 ().
2012 Liptzin, D., Sanford, R. L., & Seastedt, T. R.; (2012). Spatial patterns of total and available N and P at alpine treeline. Plant and Soil. 1 (14): 41288..
2008 Yuan, F., Arain, M. A., Barr, A. G., Black, T. A., Bourque, C. P. A., Coursolle, C., Margolis, H. A., McCaughey, J. H., Wofsy, S. C.; (2008). Modeling analysis of primary controls on net ecosystem productivity of seven boreal and temperate coniferous forests across a continental transect. Global Change Biology. 1765-1784.
2003 Yang, R. Q.; Friedl, M. A.; (2003). Modeling the effects of three-dimensional vegetation structure on surface radiation and energy balance in boreal forests. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres. 108 (D16).
2000 Gower, S.T.; Hunter, A.; Campbell, J.; Vogel, J.; Veldhuis, H.; Harden, J.; Trumbore, S.; Norman, J.M.; Kucharik, C.J.; (2000). Nutrient dynamics of the southern and northern BOREAS boreal forests. Ecoscience. 7 (4): 481-490.