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Publications Citing BOREAS AFM-04 Twin Otter Aircraft Flux Data

The following 2 publications cited the product BOREAS AFM-04 Twin Otter Aircraft Flux Data.

Year Citation
2011 Dong, J. and W. Ni-Meister. 2011. Analysis of diurnal boundary layer development in boreal forests: measurements and simulations. Journal of Plant Ecology. 5(2):191-205.
1997 Dobosy, R.J., T.L. Crawford, J.I. MacPherson, R.L. Desjardins, R.D. Kelly, S.P. Oncley, and D.H. Lenschow. 1997. Intercomparison among four flux aircraft at BOREAS in 1994. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 102(D24):29101-29111.