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Publications Citing NPP Tropical Forest: San Eusebio, Venezuela, 1973-1974, R1

The following 3 publications cited the product NPP Tropical Forest: San Eusebio, Venezuela, 1973-1974, R1.

Year Citation
2010 Ravindranath, N.H., R.K. Chaturvedi, N.V. Joshi, R. Sukumar, and J. Sathaye. 2010. Implications of climate change on mitigation potential estimates for forest sector in India. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change. 16(2):211-227.
2007 Magnani, F., M. Mencuccini, M. Borghetti, P. Berbigier, F. Berninger, S. Delzon, A. Grelle, P. Hari, P.G. Jarvis, P. Kolari, A.S. Kowalski, H. Lankreijer, B.E. Law, A. Lindroth, D. Loustau, G. Manca, J.B. Moncrieff, M. Rayment, V. Tedeschi, R. Valentini, and J. Grace. 2007. The human footprint in the carbon cycle of temperate and boreal forests. Nature. 447(7146):849-851.
2002 Scurlock, J.M. and R.J. Olson. 2002. Terrestrial net primary productivity \ A brief history and a new worldwide database. Environmental Reviews. 10(2):91-109.