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Publications Citing Leaf Angle Data (FIFE)

The following 6 publications cited the product Leaf Angle Data (FIFE).

Year Citation
2023 P?nar, M.. and G. Erpul. 2023. Upscaling plot-based measurements of RUSLE C-factor of different leaf-angled crops in semi-arid agroecosystems. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 195(11).
2019 Majasalmi, T. and R.M. Bright. 2019. Evaluation of leaf-level optical properties employed in land surface models. Geoscientific Model Development. 12(9):3923-3938.
2017 Mu, X., R. Hu, Y. Zeng, T.R. McVicar, H. Ren, W. Song, Y. Wang, R. Casa, J. Qi, D. Xie, and G. Yan. 2017. Estimating structural parameters of agricultural crops from ground-based multi-angular digital images with a fractional model of sun and shade components. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 246:162-177.
2010 Qiu, J., W. Gao, and B.M. Lesht. 2010. Inverting optical reflectance to estimate surface properties of vegetation canopies. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 19(4):641-656.
2007 Wang, W.M., Z.L. Li, and H.B. Su. 2007. Comparison of leaf angle distribution functions: Effects on extinction coefficient and fraction of sunlit foliage. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 143(1-2):106-122.
1996 Privette, J.L., R.B. Myneni, W.J. Emery, and F.G. Hall. 1996. Optimal sampling conditions for estimating grassland parameters via reflectance. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing. 34(1):272-284.