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Publications Citing LAI & PAR Data: Light Bar - UNL (FIFE)

The following 5 publications cited the product LAI & PAR Data: Light Bar - UNL (FIFE).

Year Citation
1998 Bosilovich, Michael G.; Sun, Wen-yih; (1998). Monthly Simulation of Surface Layer Fluxes and Soil Properties during FIFE. Journal of the atmospheric sciences. 55 (7): 1170-1184.<1170:msoslf>;2
1998 Colello, G. D.; Grivet, C.; Sellers, P. J.; Berry, J. A.; (1998). Modeling of Energy, Water, and CO2 Flux in a Temperate Grassland Ecosystem with SiB2: May-October 1987. Journal of the atmospheric sciences. 55 (7): 1141-1169.<1141:moewac>;2
1997 Kustas, William P.; Norman, John M.; (1997). A two-source approach for estimating turbulent fluxes using multiple angle thermal infrared observations. Water Resour. Res. 33 (6): 1495-1508.
1996 Privette, J. L.; Myneni, R. B.; Emery, W. J.; Hall, F. G.; (1996). Optimal sampling conditions for estimating grassland parameters via reflectance. Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Transactions. 34 (1): 272-284.
1994 Toll, David L.; Shirey, D. A.; Kimes, D. S.; (1994). Using remotely sensed data to estimate surface albedo and absorbed photosynthetic active radiation. 3 (0): 1461-1463.