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Publications Citing Global Vegetation Types, 1971-1982 (Matthews)

The following 3 publications cited the product Global Vegetation Types, 1971-1982 (Matthews).

Year Citation
2013 Smith M.J., Purves, D. W., Vanderwel, M. C., Lyutsarev, V., Emmott, S.; (2013) The climate dependence of the terrestrial carbon cycle, including parameter and structural uncertainties. Biogeosciences. 10 (1): 583-606.
2012 Donzelli, D.; (2012). Ecohydrological Modelling Of Soil Water And Nutrients Dynamics In Tropical And Subtropical Biomes. Hydraulics Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Milan..
1997 Smirnova, Tatiana G.; Brown, John M.; Benjamin, Stanley G.; (1997). Performance of Different Soil Model Configurations in Simulating Ground Surface Temperature and Surface Fluxes. Monthly Weather Review. 125 (8): 1870-1884.<1870:podsmc>;2