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Publications Citing Global 30-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1930-1960, V2.1 (Cramer and Leeman)

The following 11 publications cited the product Global 30-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1930-1960, V2.1 (Cramer and Leeman).

Year Citation
2015 Tipping, Edward; Boyle, John F.; Schillereff, Daniel N.; Spears, Bryan M.; Phillips, Geoffrey (2015). Macronutrient processing by temperate lakes: A dynamic model for long-term, large-scale application, Science of The Total Environment, Online Ahead of Print ().
2015 Toberman, Hannah; Tipping, Edward; Boyle, John F; Helliwell, Rachel C; Lilly, Allan; Henrys, Peter A (2015). Dependence of ombrotrophic peat nitrogen on phosphorus and climate, Biogeochemistry, 125 (1).
2013 Natale E., Zalba, Sergio Martin, Reinoso, Herminda.; (2013) Presence—Absence versus Invasive Status Data for Modelling Potential Distribution of Invasive Plants: Saltcedar in Argentina. Ecoscience. 20 (2): 161-171.
2011 Bidau, Claudio J., Mart, Dardo A., Baldo, Diego.; (2011). Inter- and Intraspecific Geographic Variation of Body Size in South American Redbelly Toads of the Genus Melanophryniscus Gallardo, 1961. Journal of Herpetology. 45 (1): 66-74. .
2011 Jenerette, G. Darrel., Barron-Gafford, Greg A., Guswa, Andrew J., McDonnell, Jeffrey J., Villegas, Juan Camilo.; (2011). Organization of complexity in water limited ecohydrology. Ecohydrology. 5 (2): 184-199. ISBN: 1936-0592..
2011 Monjeau, J. Adri_n., Rotela, Camilo H., Lamfri, Mario., M_rquez, Jorge., Scavuzzo, C. Marcelo., Stanulescu, Magdalena., Nabte, Marcela J., Rial, Ezequiel Gonzalez.; (2011). Estimating habitat suitability for potential hantavirus reservoirs in north-western Patagonia using satellite imagery: Searching for the best predictive tools. Mammalian Biology - Zeitschrift fur Saugetierkunde. 76 (4): 409-416.
2010 Georgiadi, A. G., Milyukova, I. P., Kashutina, E. A.; (2010). Response of River Runoff in the Cryolithic Zone of Eastern Siberia (Lena River Basin) to Future Climate Warming. Environmental Change in Siberia. 40 (0): 157-169. ISBN: 978-90-481-8641-9..
2009 Melillo, JM.,Gurgel, AC.,Kicklighter, DW.,Reilly, JM.,Cronin, TW.,Felzer, BS.,Paltsev, S.,Schlosser, CA.,Sokolov, AP.,Wang, X.; (2009). Unintended environmental consequences of a global biofuels program. Global Change Science Policy. .
2008 Bidau, C. J., Marti, D. A.; (2008). Un test de la regla de Allen en ectotermos: el caso de dos Saltamontes Melanoplinos (Orthoptera: Acrididae) sudamericanos con distribuciones Geogr?cas parcialmente solapadas. Neotrop. entomol. 37 (4): 370-380.
2008 Polop, F., Provensal, C., Scavuzzo, M., Lamfri, M., Calder?G., Polop, J.,; (2008). On the relationship between the environmental history and the epidemiological situation of Argentine hemorrhagic fever. Ecological Research. 23 (1): 217-225.
2007 Medina, A. I., D. A. Marti, et al.; (2007). Subterranean rodents of the genus Ctenomys (Caviomorpha, Ctenomyidae) follow the converse to Bergmann's rule. Journal of biogeography. 34 (8): 1439-1454.