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Publications Citing BOREAS/SRC AMS Suite B Surface Meteorological and Radiation Data: 1995

The following 5 publications cited the product BOREAS/SRC AMS Suite B Surface Meteorological and Radiation Data: 1995.

Year Citation
2004 Davidson, Andrew; Wang, Shusen; (2004). The effects of sampling resolution on the surface albedos of dominant land cover types in the North American boreal region. Remote Sensing of Environment. 93 (1-2): 211-224.
2004 Strack, John E.; Liston, Glen E.; Pielke, Roger A.; (2004). Modeling Snow Depth for Improved Simulation of Snow-Vegetation-Atmosphere Interactions. Journal of Hydrometeorology. 5 (5): 723-734.<0723:MSDFIS>2.0.CO;2
2003 Bartlett, P. A.; McCaughey, J. H.; Lafleur, P. M.; Verseghy, D. L.; (2003). Modelling evapotranspiration at three boreal forest stands using the class: Tests of parameterizations for canopy conductance and soil evaporation. International Journal of Climatology. 23 (4): 427-451.
2003 Yang, R. Q.; Friedl, M. A.; (2003). Modeling the effects of three-dimensional vegetation structure on surface radiation and energy balance in boreal forests. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres. 108 (D16).
2002 Bartlett, Paul A.; McCaughey, J. Harry; Lafleur, Peter M.; Verseghy, Diana L.; (2002). A comparison of the mosaic and aggregated canopy frameworks for representing surface heterogeneity in the Canadian boreal forest using CLASS: a soil perspective. Journal of Hydrology. 266 (1-2): 15-39.