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Publications Citing BOREAS TF-10 NSA-Fen Tower Flux and Meteorological Data

The following 5 publications cited the product BOREAS TF-10 NSA-Fen Tower Flux and Meteorological Data.

Year Citation
2013 Godwin C.M., McNamara, Patrick J., Markfort, Corey D.; (2013) Evening methane emission pulses from a boreal wetland correspond to convective mixing in hollows. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 118(3): 994-1005.
2012 Dong, J., & Ni-Meister, W. (2012). Analysis of diurnal boundary layer development in boreal forests: measurements and simulations. Journal of Plant Ecology. 5 (2): 191-205..
2006 Wang, Y.-H., G.-T. Shen, B.-C. Yang, and J.-G. Cai.; (2006). Improvement on the model of IR radiation field of natural terrain. Journal of East China Normal University (Natural Science). 2006 (0): 121-126.
2002 Bartlett, Paul A.; McCaughey, J. Harry; Lafleur, Peter M.; Verseghy, Diana L.; (2002). A comparison of the mosaic and aggregated canopy frameworks for representing surface heterogeneity in the Canadian boreal forest using CLASS: a soil perspective. Journal of Hydrology. 266 (1-2): 15-39.
1999 Metcalfe, R. A.; Buttle, J. M.; (1999). Semi-distributed water balance dynamics in a small boreal forest basin. Journal of Hydrology. 226 (1-2): 66-87.