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Publications Citing BOREAS TF-03 NSA-OBS Tower Flux, Meteorological, and Soil Temperature Data

The following 11 publications cited the product BOREAS TF-03 NSA-OBS Tower Flux, Meteorological, and Soil Temperature Data.

Year Citation
2014 Kim, Youngil; Roulet, Nigel T; Peng, Changhui; Li, Changsheng; Frolking, Steve; Strachan, Ian B and Tremblay, Alain. (2014) Multi-year carbon dioxide flux simulations for mature Canadian black spruce forests and ombrotrophic bogs using Forest-DNDC. Boreal environment research. 19(5-6): 417-440.
2011 Dong, J. and W. Ni-Meister. 2011. Analysis of diurnal boundary layer development in boreal forests: measurements and simulations. Journal of Plant Ecology. 5(2):191-205.
2006 Carrasco, J.J., J.C. Neff, and J.W. Harden. 2006. Modeling physical and biogeochemical controls over carbon accumulation in a boreal forest soil. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 111(G2):n/a-n/a.
2003 Bartlett, P.A., J. Harry McCaughey, P.M. Lafleur, and D.L. Verseghy. 2003. Modelling evapotranspiration at three boreal forest stands using the CLASS: tests of parameterizations for canopy conductance and soil evaporation. International Journal of Climatology. 23(4):427-451.
2002 Bartlett, P.A., J.H. McCaughey, P.M. Lafleur, and D.L. Verseghy. 2002. A comparison of the mosaic and aggregated canopy frameworks for representing surface heterogeneity in the Canadian boreal forest using CLASS: a soil perspective. Journal of Hydrology. 266(1-2):15-39.
2002 Grant, R.F. and N.T. Roulet. 2002. Methane efflux from boreal wetlands: Theory and testing of the ecosystem model Ecosys with chamber and tower flux measurements. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 16(4):2-1-2-16.
2002 Wang, S., R.F. Grant, D.L. Verseghy, and T.A. Black. 2002. Climatic Change. 55(4):451-477.
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2001 Grant, R.F., M.L. Goulden, S.C. Wofsy, and J.A. Berry. 2001. Carbon and energy exchange by a black spruce-moss ecosystem under changing climate: Testing the mathematical modelecosyswith data from the BOREAS experiment. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 106(D24):33605-33621.
2001 Potter, C.S., S. Wang, N.T. Nikolov, A.D. McGuire, J. Liu, A.W. King, J.S. Kimball, R.F. Grant, S.E. Frolking, J.S. Clein, J.M. Chen, and J.S. Amthor. 2001. Comparison of boreal ecosystem model sensitivity to variability in climate and forest site parameters. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 106(D24):33671-33687.
2000 Anderson, M.C., J.M. Norman, T.P. Meyers, and G.R. Diak. 2000. An analytical model for estimating canopy transpiration and carbon assimilation fluxes based on canopy light-use efficiency. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 101(4):265-289.