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Publications Citing BOREAS TE-23 Map Plot Data

The following 6 publications cited the product BOREAS TE-23 Map Plot Data.

Year Citation
2021 Benson, M.L., L. Pierce, K. Bergen, and K. Sarabandi. 2021. Model-Based Estimation of Forest Canopy Height and Biomass in the Canadian Boreal Forest Using Radar, LiDAR, and Optical Remote Sensing. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing. 59(6):4635-4653.
2016 Wang, Y., G. Li, J. Ding, Z. Guo, S. Tang, C. Wang, Q. Huang, R. Liu, and J.M. Chen. 2016. A combined GLAS and MODIS estimation of the global distribution of mean forest canopy height. Remote Sensing of Environment. 174:24-43.
2014 Garcia, O. 2014. Can plasticity make spatial structure irrelevant in individual-tree models?. Forest Ecosystems. 1(1):
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2008 Michaletz, S.T. and E.A. Johnson. 2008. A biophysical process model of tree mortality in surface fires. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 38(7):2013-2029.
2006 Garcia, O. 2006. Scale and spatial structure effects on tree size distributions: implications for growth and yield modelling. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 36(11):2983-2993.