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Publications Citing BOREAS TE-12 Leaf Optical Data for SSA Species

The following 4 publications cited the product BOREAS TE-12 Leaf Optical Data for SSA Species.

Year Citation
2016 Qiu, B., W. Guo, Y. Xue, and Q. Dai. 2016. Implementation and evaluation of a generalized radiative transfer scheme within canopy in the soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer (SVAT) model. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 121(20):12,145-12,163.
2015 Czyzowska-Wisniewski, E.H., W.J.D. van Leeuwen, K.K. Hirschboeck, S.E. Marsh, and W.T. Wisniewski. 2015. Fractional snow cover estimation in complex alpine-forested environments using an artificial neural network. Remote Sensing of Environment. 156:403-417.
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2000 Pyles, R.D., B.C. Weare, and K.T. Pawu. 2000. The UCD Advanced Canopy-Atmosphere-Soil Algorithm: Comparisons with observations from different climate and vegetation regimes. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. 126(569):2951-2980.