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Publications Citing BOREAS TE-08 Aspen Bark Spectral Reflectance Data

The following 2 publications cited the product BOREAS TE-08 Aspen Bark Spectral Reflectance Data.

Year Citation
2022 Hovi, A., D. Schraik, J. Hanus, L. Homolova, J. Juola, M. Lang, P. Lukes, J. Pisek, and M. Rautiainen. 2022. Assessment of a photon recollision probability based forest reflectance model in European boreal and temperate forests. Remote Sensing of Environment. 269:112804.
2017 Hovi, A., P. Lukes, and M. Rautiainen. 2017. Seasonality of albedo and FAPAR in a boreal forest. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 247:331-342.