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Publications Citing Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: GSFC (FIFE)

The following 3 publications cited the product Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: GSFC (FIFE).

Year Citation
2013 Freire L.S., Dias, Nelson L.; (2013) Residual layer effects on the modeling of convective boundary layer growth rates with a slab model using FIFE data. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 118 (23): 12,869-12,878.
1998 Abareshi, Behzad; Schuepp, Peter H.; (1998). Sensible Heat Flux Estimation over the FIFE Site by Neural Networks. Journal of the atmospheric sciences. 55 (7): 1185-1197.<1185:shfeot>;2
1997 Salvucci, Guido Daniel; (1997). Soil and moisture independent estimation of stage-two evaporation from potential evaporation and albedo or surface temperature. Water Resour. Res. 33 (1): 111-122.