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Publications Citing BOREAS RSS-07 LAI, Gap Fraction, and FPAR Data

The following 3 publications cited the product BOREAS RSS-07 LAI, Gap Fraction, and FPAR Data.

Year Citation
2009 Prieto-Blanco, A., P.R.J. North, M.J. Barnsley, and N. Fox. 2009. Satellite-driven modelling of Net Primary Productivity (NPP): Theoretical analysis. Remote Sensing of Environment. 113(1):137-147.
2005 Drolet, G.G., K.F. Huemmrich, F.G. Hall, E.M. Middleton, T.A. Black, A.G. Barr, and H.A. Margolis. 2005. A MODIS-derived photochemical reflectance index to detect inter-annual variations in the photosynthetic light-use efficiency of a boreal deciduous forest. Remote Sensing of Environment. 98(2-3):212-224.
2004 Fernandes, R.A., J.R. Miller, J.M. Chen, and I.G. Rubinstein. 2004. Evaluating image-based estimates of leaf area index in boreal conifer stands over a range of scales using high-resolution CASI imagery. Remote Sensing of Environment. 89(2):200-216.