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Publications Citing Amazon River Basin Precipitation, 1972-1992

The following 5 publications cited the product Amazon River Basin Precipitation, 1972-1992.

Year Citation
2006 Holmes, K.W.E.W.; (2006) Large-area spatially explicit estimates of tropical soil carbon stocks and response to land-cover change. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 20 (3): GB3004.
2005 Holmes, Karen W.; Kyriakidis, Phaedon C.; Chadwick, Oliver A.; Soares, Joao Vianei; Roberts, Dar A.; (2005). Multi-scale variability in tropical soil nutrients following land-cover change. Biogeochemistry. 74 (2): 173-203.
2004 Holmes, Karen W.; Roberts, Dar A.; Sweeney, Stuart; Numata, Izaya; Matricardi, Eraldo; Biggs, Trent W.; Batista, Getulio; Chadwick, Oliver A.; (2004). Soil databases and the problem of establishing regional biogeochemical trends. Global Change Biology. 10 (5): 796-814.
2004 Poveda, Germān; Salazar, Luis F. (2004). Annual and interannual (ENSO) variability of spatial scaling properties of a vegetation index (NDVI) in Amazonia. Remote Sensing of Environment. 93 (3): 391-401.
1998 Costa, Marcos Heil; Foley, Jonathan A.; (1998). A comparison of precipitation datasets for the Amazon Basin. Geophysical Research Letters. 25 (2): 155-158.