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Publications Citing Amazon River Basin Precipitation, 1972-1992

The following 6 publications cited the product Amazon River Basin Precipitation, 1972-1992.

Year Citation
2007 Numata, I., D.A. Roberts, Y. Sawada, O.A. Chadwick, J.P. Schimel, and J.V. Soares. 2007. Regional Characterization of Pasture Changes through Time and Space in Rond˘nia, Brazil. Earth Interactions. 11(14):1-25.
2006 Holmes, K.W., O.A. Chadwick, P.C. Kyriakidis, E.P. Silva de Filho, J.V. Soares, and D.A. Roberts. 2006. Large-area spatially explicit estimates of tropical soil carbon stocks and response to land-cover change. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 20(3):n/a-n/a.
2005 Holmes, K.W., P.C. Kyriakidis, O.A. Chadwick, J.V. Soares, and D.A. Roberts. 2005. Multi-scale variability in tropical soil nutrients following land-cover change. Biogeochemistry. 74(2):173-203.
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2004 Poveda, G. and L.F. Salazar. 2004. Annual and interannual (ENSO) variability of spatial scaling properties of a vegetation index (NDVI) in Amazonia. Remote Sensing of Environment. 93(3):391-401.
1998 Costa, M.H. and J.A. Foley. 1998. A comparison of precipitation datasets for the Amazon Basin. Geophysical Research Letters. 25(2):155-158.