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Publications Citing VEMAP 1: U.S. Climate, 1961-1990

The following 2 publications cited the product VEMAP 1: U.S. Climate, 1961-1990.

Year Citation
1999 McCabe, Gregory J.; Wolock, David M.; (1999). General-Circulation-Model simulations of future snowpack in the western United States, JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 35 (6): 1473-1484.
1998 Pan, Yude; Melillo, Jerry M.; McGuire, A. David; Kicklighter, David W.; Pitelka, Louis F.; Hibbard, Kathy; Pierce, Lars L.; Running, Steven W.; Ojima, Dennis S.; Parton, William J.; Schimel, David S.; Other Vemap members; (1998). Modeled responses of terrestrial ecosystems to elevated atmospheric CO2: a comparison of simulations by the biogeochemistry models of the Vegetation/Ecosystem Modeling and Analysis Project (VEMAP). Oecologia. 114 (3): 389-404.