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Publications Citing Global Organic Soil Carbon and Nitrogen (Zinke et al.)

The following 15 publications cited the product Global Organic Soil Carbon and Nitrogen (Zinke et al.).

Year Citation
2016 Lu, Xuehe;Jiang, Hong;Liu, Jinxun;Zhang, Xiuying;Jin, Jiaxin;Zhu, Qiuan;Zhang, Zhen;Peng, Changhui; (2016) Simulated effects of nitrogen saturation on the global carbon budget using the IBIS model.Scientific Reports. 6(1): .
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2014 Arzhanov, M. M. and Mokhov, I. I. (2014) Model assessments of organic carbon amounts released from long-term permafrost under scenarios of global warming in the 21st century. Doklady Earth Sciences. 455(1): 346-349. .
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