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Publications Citing NPP Grassland: Vindhyan, India, 1986-1989, R1

The following 4 publications cited the product NPP Grassland: Vindhyan, India, 1986-1989, R1.

Year Citation
2015 Gang, C., W. Zhou, Z. Wang, Y. Chen, J. Li, J. Chen, J. Qi, I. Odeh, and P.Y. Groisman. 2015. Comparative Assessment of Grassland NPP Dynamics in Response to Climate Change in China, North America, Europe and Australia from 1981 to 2010. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science. 201(1):57-68.
2015 White, R.R., M. Brady, J.L. Capper, J.P. McNamara, and K.A. Johnson. 2015. Cow-calf reproductive, genetic, and nutritional management to improve the sustainability of whole beef production systems. Journal of Animal Science. 93(6):3197-3211.
2004 Panigrahy, RK; Panigrahy, S; Parihar, JS; (2004). Spatio-temporal pattern of agro ecosystem net primary productivity of India: A preliminary analysis using spot Vgt data. Int. Symp. on Geospatial Databases for Sustainable Development Goa. 36 (4): 724-729
2002 Scurlock, J.M. and R.J. Olson. 2002. Terrestrial net primary productivity \ A brief history and a new worldwide database. Environmental Reviews. 10(2):91-109.