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Publications Citing ABoVE: Synthesis of Post-Fire Regeneration Across Boreal North America

The following 2 publications cited the product ABoVE: Synthesis of Post-Fire Regeneration Across Boreal North America.

Year Citation
2023 White, J.C., T. Hermosilla, and M.A. Wulder. 2023. Pre-fire measures of boreal forest structure and composition inform interpretation of post-fire spectral recovery rates. Forest Ecology and Management. 537:120948.
2021 Baltzer, J.L., N.J. Day, X.J. Walker, D. Greene, M.C. Mack, H.D. Alexander, D. Arseneault, J. Barnes, Y. Bergeron, Y. Boucher, L. Bourgeau-Chavez, C.D. Brown, S. Carriere, B.K. Howard, S. Gauthier, M.A. Parisien, K.A. Reid, B.M. Rogers, C. Roland, L. Sirois, S. Stehn, D.K. Thompson, M.R. Turetsky, S. Veraverbeke, E. Whitman, J. Yang, and J.F. Johnstone. 2021. Increasing fire and the decline of fire adapted black spruce in the boreal forest. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 118(45):