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Publications Citing CMS: Global 0.5-deg Wetland Methane Emissions and Uncertainty (WetCHARTs v1.3.1)

The following 5 publications cited the product CMS: Global 0.5-deg Wetland Methane Emissions and Uncertainty (WetCHARTs v1.3.1).

Year Citation
2023 Bansal, S., M. Post van der Burg, R.R. Fern, J.W. Jones, R. Lo, O.P. McKenna, B.A. Tangen, Z. Zhang, and R.A. Gleason. 2023. Large increases in methane emissions expected from North America’s largest wetland complex. Science Advances. 9(9).
2023 Chen, Z., D.J. Jacob, R. Gautam, M. Omara, R.N. Stavins, R.C. Stowe, H. Nesser, M.P. Sulprizio, A. Lorente, D.J. Varon, X. Lu, L. Shen, Z. Qu, D.C. Pendergrass, and S. Hancock. 2023. Satellite quantification of methane emissions and oil–gas methane intensities from individual countries in the Middle East and North Africa: implications for climate action. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 23(10):5945-5967.
2023 Li, S., C. Wang, P. Gao, B. Zhao, C. Jin, L. Zhao, B. He, and Y. Xue. 2023. High-Spatial-Resolution Methane Emissions Calculation Using TROPOMI Data by a Divergence Method. Atmosphere. 14(2):388.
2023 Schuit, B.J., J.D. Maasakkers, P. Bijl, G. Mahapatra, A. van den Berg, S. Pandey, A. Lorente, T. Borsdorff, S. Houweling, D.J. Varon, J. McKeever, D. Jervis, M. Girard, I. Irakulis-Loitxate, J. Gorroño, L. Guanter, D.H. Cusworth, and I. Aben. 2023. Automated detection and monitoring of methane super-emitters using satellite data. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 23(16):9071-9098.
2022 Lu, X., D.J. Jacob, H. Wang, J.D. Maasakkers, Y. Zhang, T.R. Scarpelli, L. Shen, Z. Qu, M.P. Sulprizio, H. Nesser, A.A. Bloom, S. Ma, J.R. Worden, S. Fan, R.J. Parker, H. Boesch, R. Gautam, D. Gordon, M.D. Moran, F. Reuland, C.A.O. Villasana, and A. Andrews. 2022. Methane emissions in the United States, Canada, and Mexico: evaluation of national methane emission inventories and 2010-2017 sectoral trends by inverse analysis of in situ (GLOBALVIEWplus CH<sub>4</sub> ObsPack) and satellite (GOSAT) atmospheric observations. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 22(1):395-418.