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Publications Citing ACT-America Campaign Catalog

The following 2 publications cited the product ACT-America Campaign Catalog.

Year Citation
2021 Davis, K.J., E.V. Browell, S. Feng, T. Lauvaux, M.D. Obland, S. Pal, B.C. Baier, D.F. Baker, I.T. Baker, Z.R. Barkley, K.W. Bowman, Y.Y. Cui, A.S. Denning, J.P. DiGangi, J.T. Dobler, A. Fried, T. Gerken, K. Keller, B. Lin, A.R. Nehrir, C.P. Normile, C.W. O'Dell, L.E. Ott, A. Roiger, A.E. Schuh, C. Sweeney, Y. Wei, B. Weir, M. Xue, and C.A. Williams. 2021. The Atmospheric Carbon and Transport (ACT) - America Mission. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 1-54.
2021 Wei, Y., R. Shrestha, S. Pal, T. Gerken, S. Feng, J. McNelis, D. Singh, M.M. Thornton, A.G. Boyer, M.A. Shook, G. Chen, B.C. Baier, Z.R. Barkley, J.D. Barrick, J.R. Bennett, E.V. Browell, J.F. Campbell, L.J. Campbell, Y. Choi, J. Collins, J. Dobler, M. Eckl, A. Fiehn, A. Fried, J.P. Digangi, R. Barton-Grimley, H. Halliday, T. Klausner, S. Kooi, J. Kostinek, T. Lauvaux, B. Lin, M.J. McGill, B. Meadows, N.L. Miles, A.R. Nehrir, J.B. Nowak, M. Obland, C. O'Dell, R.M.P. Fao, S.J. Richardson, D. Richter, A. Roiger, C. Sweeney, J. Walega, P. Weibring, C.A. Williams, M.M. Yang, Y. Zhou, and K.J. Davis. 2021. Atmospheric Carbon and Transport - America (ACT-America) Data Sets: Description, Management, and Delivery. Earth and Space Science. 8(7):