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Publications Citing Daymet: Station-Level Inputs and Cross-Validation Result for North America, Version 4

The following 6 publications cited the product Daymet: Station-Level Inputs and Cross-Validation Result for North America, Version 4.

Year Citation
2023 Kaur, N., H.L. Mehl, D. Langston, and D. Haak. 2023. Evaluation of Stagonospora nodorum blotch severity and Parastagonospora nodorum population structure and genetic diversity across multiple locations and wheat varieties in Virginia. Phytopathology®.
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2022 Teets, A., A.S. Bailey, K. Hufkens, S. Ollinger, C. Schädel, B. Seyednasrollah, and A.D. Richardson. 2022. Early spring onset increases carbon uptake more than late fall senescence: modeling future phenological change in a US northern deciduous forest. Oecologia. 201(1):241-257.
2022 Yu, X. and C.P.A. Bourque. 2022. Controls of contemporary (2001-2018) springtime waterflow dynamics in a Large, snowmelt-dominated basin in northeastern North America. Journal of Hydrology X. 14:100117.
2021 Thornton, P.E., R. Shrestha, M. Thornton, S.C. Kao, Y. Wei, and B.E. Wilson. 2021. Gridded daily weather data for North America with comprehensive uncertainty quantification. Scientific Data. 8(1):