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Publications Citing Global MODIS and FLUXNET-derived Daily Gross Primary Production, V2

The following 6 publications cited the product Global MODIS and FLUXNET-derived Daily Gross Primary Production, V2.

Year Citation
2023 Feldman, A.F., Z. Zhang, Y. Yoshida, A. Chatterjee, and B. Poulter. 2023. Using Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) column CO2 retrievals to rapidly detect and estimate biospheric surface carbon flux anomalies. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 23(2):1545-1563.
2023 Jin, H., S.M. Vicente-Serrano, F. Tian, Z. Cai, T. Conradt, B. Boincean, C. Murphy, B.A. Farizo, S. Grainger, J.I. López-Moreno, and L. Eklundh. 2023. Higher vegetation sensitivity to meteorological drought in autumn than spring across European biomes. Communications Earth & Environment. 4(1).
2022 LI, J., J. MAO, J. KUG, and P. ZHAi. 2022. Distinctive impacts of atmospheric intraseasonal oscillations on the net ecosystem exchange of the southeastern China forest between spring and summer. Advances in Climate Change Research. 13(5):700-709.
2022 Lovato, T., D. Peano, M. Butenschön, S. Materia, D. Iovino, E. Scoccimarro, P.G. Fogli, A. Cherchi, A. Bellucci, S. Gualdi, S. Masina, and A. Navarra. 2022. CMIP6 Simulations With the CMCC Earth System Model (CMCC?ESM2). Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems. 14(3).
2022 Shirkey, G., R. John, J. Chen, K. Dahlin, M. Abraha, P. Sciusco, C. Lei, and D.E. Reed. 2022. Fine resolution remote sensing spectra improves estimates of gross primary production of croplands. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 326:109175.
2021 Smallman, T.L., D.T. Milodowski, E.S. Neto, G. Koren, J. Ometto, and M. Williams. 2021. Parameter uncertainty dominates C-cycle forecast errors over most of Brazil for the 21st century. Earth System Dynamics. 12(4):1191-1237.