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Publications Citing AfriSAR: Gridded Forest Biomass and Canopy Metrics Derived from LVIS, Gabon, 2016

The following 3 publications cited the product AfriSAR: Gridded Forest Biomass and Canopy Metrics Derived from LVIS, Gabon, 2016.

Year Citation
2023 Choi, C., M. Pardini, J. Armston, and K.P. Papathanassiou. 2023. Forest Biomass Mapping Using Continuous InSAR and Discrete Waveform Lidar Measurements: A TanDEM-X/GEDI Test Study. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. 16:7675-7689.
2021 Fatoyinbo, T., J. Armston, M. Simard, S. Saatchi, M. Denbina, M. Lavalle, M. Hofton, H. Tang, S. Marselis, N. Pinto, S. Hancock, B. Hawkins, L. Duncanson, B. Blair, C. Hansen, Y. Lou, R. Dubayah, S. Hensley, C. Silva, J.R. Poulsen, N. Labriere, N. Barbier, K. Jeffery, D. Kenfack, M. Herve, P. Bissiengou, A. Alonso, G. Moussavou, L.T.J. White, S. Lewis, and K. Hibbard. 2021. The NASA AfriSAR campaign: Airborne SAR and lidar measurements of tropical forest structure and biomass in support of current and future space missions. Remote Sensing of Environment. 264:112533.
2021 Stovall, A.E.L., T. Fatoyinbo, N.M. Thomas, J. Armston, M.O. Ebanega, M. Simard, C. Trettin, R.V. Obiang Zogo, I.A. Aken, M. Debina, A.M. Me Kemoe, E.O. Assoumou, J.S. Kim, D. Lagomasino, S.K. Lee, J.C. Ndong Obame, G.D. Voubou, and C.Z. Essono. 2021. Comprehensive comparison of airborne and spaceborne SAR and LiDAR estimates of forest structure in the tallest mangrove forest on earth. Science of Remote Sensing. 4:100034.