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Publications Citing ABoVE: Synthesis of Burned and Unburned Forest Site Data, AK and Canada, 1983-2016

The following 6 publications cited the product ABoVE: Synthesis of Burned and Unburned Forest Site Data, AK and Canada, 1983-2016.

Year Citation
2023 Moubarak, M., S. Sistla, S. Potter, S.M. Natali, and B.M. Rogers. 2023. Carbon emissions and radiative forcings from tundra wildfires in the Yukon–Kuskokwim River Delta, Alaska. Biogeosciences. 20(8):1537-1557.
2023 Potter, S., S. Cooperdock, S. Veraverbeke, X. Walker, M.C. Mack, S.J. Goetz, J. Baltzer, L. Bourgeau-Chavez, A. Burrell, C. Dieleman, N. French, S. Hantson, E.E. Hoy, L. Jenkins, J.F. Johnstone, E.S. Kane, S.M. Natali, J.T. Randerson, M.R. Turetsky, E. Whitman, E. Wiggins, and B.M. Rogers. 2023. Burned area and carbon emissions across northwestern boreal North America from 2001–2019. Biogeosciences. 20(13):2785-2804.
2023 Zhu, X., X. Xu, and G. Jia. 2023. Recent massive expansion of wildfire and its impact on active layer over pan-Arctic permafrost. Environmental Research Letters. 18(8):084010.
2022 Phillips, C.A., B.M. Rogers, M. Elder, S. Cooperdock, M. Moubarak, J.T. Randerson, and P.C. Frumhoff. 2022. Escalating carbon emissions from North American boreal forest wildfires and the climate mitigation potential of fire management. Science Advances. 8(17).
2020 Dieleman, C.M., B.M. Rogers, S. Potter, S. Veraverbeke, J.F. Johnstone, J. Laflamme, K. Solvik, X.J. Walker, M.C. Mack, and M.R. Turetsky. 2020. Wildfire combustion and carbon stocks in the southern Canadian boreal forest: Implications for a warming world. Global Change Biology.
2020 Walker, X.J., B.M. Rogers, S. Veraverbeke, J.F. Johnstone, J.L. Baltzer, K. Barrett, L. Bourgeau-Chavez, N.J. Day, W.J. de Groot, C.M. Dieleman, S. Goetz, E. Hoy, L.K. Jenkins, E.S. Kane, M.A. Parisien, S. Potter, E.A.G. Schuur, M. Turetsky, E. Whitman, and M.C. Mack. 2020. Fuel availability not fire weather controls boreal wildfire severity and carbon emissions. Nature Climate Change. 10(12):1130-1136.