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Publications Citing ABoVE: Landsat-derived Annual Dominant Land Cover Across ABoVE Core Domain, 1984-2014

The following 7 publications cited the product ABoVE: Landsat-derived Annual Dominant Land Cover Across ABoVE Core Domain, 1984-2014.

Year Citation
2023 Yang, D., B.D. Morrison, W. Hanston, A. McMahon, L. Baskaran, D.J. Hayes, C.E. Miller, and S.P. Serbin. 2023. Integrating very-high-resolution UAS data and airborne imaging spectroscopy to map the fractional composition of Arctic plant functional types in Western Alaska. Remote Sensing of Environment. 286:113430.
2022 Macander, M.J., P.R. Nelson, T.W. Nawrocki, G.V. Frost, K.M. Orndahl, E.C. Palm, A.F. Wells, and S.J. Goetz. 2022. Time-series maps reveal widespread change in plant functional type cover across Arctic and boreal Alaska and Yukon. Environmental Research Letters. 17(5):54042.
2022 Whitman, E., S.A. Parks, L.M. Holsinger, and M. Parisien. 2022. Climate-induced fire regime amplification in Alberta, Canada. Environmental Research Letters. 17(5):055003.
2021 Severson, J.P., H.E. Johnson, S.M. Arthur, W.B. Leacock, and M.J. Suitor. 2021. Spring phenology drives range shifts in a migratory Arctic ungulate with key implications for the future. Global Change Biology. 27(19):4546-4563.
2021 Wang, J.A., A. Baccini, M. Farina, J.T. Randerson, and M.A. Friedl. 2021. Disturbance suppresses the aboveground carbon sink in North American boreal forests. Nature Climate Change. 11(5):435-441.
2020 Wang, J.A., D. Sulla-Menashe, C.E. Woodcock, O. Sonnentag, R.F. Keeling, and M.A. Friedl. 2020. Extensive land cover change across Arctic-Boreal Northwestern North America from disturbance and climate forcing. Global Change Biology. 26(2):807-822.
2019 Wang, J.A., and M.A. Friedl. 2019. The role of land cover change in Arctic-Boreal greening and browning trends. Environmental Research Letters. 14(12):125007.