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Publications Citing PhenoCam Dataset v2.0: Vegetation Phenology from Digital Camera Imagery, 2000-2018

The following 17 publications cited the product PhenoCam Dataset v2.0: Vegetation Phenology from Digital Camera Imagery, 2000-2018.

Year Citation
2023 Klinek, L., J. Au, C.Y. Wong, T.S. Magney, and D. Baldocchi. 2023. A soil-air temperature model to determine the start of season phenology of deciduous forests. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 341:109638.
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2023 Spafford, L., A. MacDougall, and J. Steenberg. 2023. Climate?driven shifts in leaf senescence are greater for boreal species than temperate species in the Acadian Forest region in contrast to leaf emergence shifts. Ecology and Evolution. 13(8).
2023 Spafford, L., A.H. MacDougall, Y. Vitasse, G. Filippa, A. Richardson, J. Steenberg, and J.J. Lever. 2023. Leaf phenology as an indicator of ecological integrity. Ecosphere. 14(5).
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2022 Capooci, M. and R. Vargas. 2022. Trace gas fluxes from tidal salt marsh soils: implications for carbon–sulfur biogeochemistry. Biogeosciences. 19(19):4655-4670.
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2022 Ling, Y., S. Teng, C. Liu, J. Dash, H. Morris, and J. Pastor-Guzman. 2022. Assessing the Accuracy of Forest Phenological Extraction from Sentinel-1 C-Band Backscatter Measurements in Deciduous and Coniferous Forests. Remote Sensing. 14(3):674.
2022 Stoy, P.C., A.M. Khan, K. Van Dorsten, P. Sauer, T. Weaver, and E.N.J. Brookshire. 2022. Ecosystem Gross Primary Productivity After Autumn Snowfall and Melt Events in a Mountain Meadow. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 127(8).
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2021 Browning, D.M., E.S. Russell, G.E. Ponce-Campos, N. Kaplan, A.D. Richardson, B. Seyednasrollah, S. Spiegal, N. Saliendra, J.G. Alfieri, J. Baker, C. Bernacchi, B.T. Bestelmeyer, D. Bosch, E.H. Boughton, R.K. Boughton, P. Clark, G. Flerchinger, N. Gomez-Casanovas, S. Goslee, N.M. Haddad, D. Hoover, A. Jaradat, M. Mauritz, G.W. McCarty, G.R. Miller, J. Sadler, A. Saha, R.L. Scott, A. Suyker, C. Tweedie, J.D. Wood, X. Zhang, and S.D. Taylor. 2021. Monitoring agroecosystem productivity and phenology at a national scale: A metric assessment framework. Ecological Indicators. 131:108147.
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2020 Seyednasrollah, B., A.M. Young, X. Li, T. Milliman, T. Ault, S. Frolking, M. Friedl, and A.D. Richardson. 2020. Sensitivity of Deciduous Forest Phenology to Environmental Drivers: Implications for Climate Change Impacts Across North America. Geophysical Research Letters. 47(5):
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