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Publications Citing Global Mangrove Distribution, Aboveground Biomass, and Canopy Height

The following 5 publications cited the product Global Mangrove Distribution, Aboveground Biomass, and Canopy Height.

Year Citation
2022 Bernardino, A.F., A.C.A. Mazzuco, F.M. Souza, T.M. Santos, C.J. Sanders, C.G. Massone, R.F. Costa, A.E.B. Silva, T.O. Ferreira, G.N. Nóbrega, T.S. Silva, and J.B. Kauffman. 2022. The novel mangrove environment and composition of the Amazon Delta. Current Biology. 32(16):3636-3640.e2.
2021 Castellanos-Galindo, G.A., R.A. Baos, and L.A. Zapata. 2021. Mangrove-associated fish assemblages off the southern Panama Bight region (tropical eastern Pacific). Neotropical Ichthyology. 19(4):
2020 Bukoski, J.J., A. Elwin, R.A. MacKenzie, S. Sharma, J. Purbopuspito, B. Kopania, M. Apwong, R. Poolsiri, and M.D. Potts. 2020. The role of predictive model data in designing mangrove forest carbon programs. Environmental Research Letters. 15(8):084019.
2020 Worthington, T.A., D.A. Andradi-Brown, R. Bhargava, C. Buelow, P. Bunting, C. Duncan, L. Fatoyinbo, D.A. Friess, L. Goldberg, L. Hilarides, D. Lagomasino, E. Landis, K. Longley-Wood, C.E. Lovelock, N.J. Murray, S. Narayan, A. Rosenqvist, M. Sievers, M. Simard, N. Thomas, P. van Eijk, C. Zganjar, and M. Spalding. 2020. Harnessing Big Data to Support the Conservation and Rehabilitation of Mangrove Forests Globally. One Earth. 2(5):429-443.
2018 Simard, M., L. Fatoyinbo, C. Smetanka, V.H. Rivera-Monroy, E. Castaneda-Moya, N. Thomas, and T. Van der Stocken. 2018. Mangrove canopy height globally related to precipitation, temperature and cyclone frequency. Nature Geoscience. 12(1):40-45.