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Publications Citing A Concise Experiment Plan for the Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment

The following 3 publications cited the product A Concise Experiment Plan for the Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment.

Year Citation
2023 Whitcomb, J., R. Chen, D. Clewley, J.S. Kimball, N.J. Pastick, Y. Yi, and M. Moghaddam. 2023. Maps of active layer thickness in northern Alaska by upscaling P-band polarimetric synthetic aperture radar retrievals. Environmental Research Letters. 19(1):014046.
2022 van Geffen, F., B. Heim, F. Brieger, R. Geng, I.A. Shevtsova, L. Schulte, S.M. Stuenzi, N. Bernhardt, E.I. Troeva, L.A. Pestryakova, E.S. Zakharov, B. Pflug, U. Herzschuh, and S. Kruse. 2022. SiDroForest: a comprehensive forest inventory of Siberian boreal forest investigations including drone-based point clouds, individually labeled trees, synthetically generated tree crowns, and Sentinel-2 labeled image patches. Earth System Science Data. 14(11):4967-4994.
2019 Miller, C.E., P.C. Griffith, S.J. Goetz, E.E. Hoy, N. Pinto, I.B. McCubbin, A.K. Thorpe, M. Hofton, D. Hodkinson, C. Hansen, J. Woods, E. Larson, E.S. Kasischke, and H.A. Margolis. 2019. An overview of ABoVE airborne campaign data acquisitions and science opportunities. Environmental Research Letters. 14(8):080201.