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Publications Citing Global Hydrologic Soil Groups (HYSOGs250m) for Curve Number-Based Runoff Modeling

The following 10 publications cited the product Global Hydrologic Soil Groups (HYSOGs250m) for Curve Number-Based Runoff Modeling.

Year Citation
2021 Dumedah, G., A. Moses, and G. Linda. 2021. Spatial targeting of groundwater vulnerability in the Wewe-Oda river watershed in Kumasi, Ghana. Groundwater for Sustainable Development. 14:100641.
2021 Ross, C.W., N.P. Hanan, L. Prihodko, J. Anchang, W. Ji, and Q. Yu. 2021. Woody-biomass projections and drivers of change in sub-Saharan Africa. Nature Climate Change. 11(5):449-455.
2020 Bessah, E., A.O. Raji, O.J. Taiwo, S.K. Agodzo, O.O. Ololade, and A. Strapasson. 2020. Hydrological responses to climate and land use changes: The paradox of regional and local climate effect in the Pra River Basin of Ghana. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies. 27:100654.
2020 Kadaverugu, A., C. Nageshwar Rao, and G.K. Viswanadh. 2020. Quantification of flood mitigation services by urban green spaces using InVEST model: a case study of Hyderabad city, India. Modeling Earth Systems and Environment.
2020 Kwarteng, E.A., C. Gyamfi, F.O.K. Anyemedu, K.A. Adjei, and G.K. Anornu. 2020. Coupling SWAT and bathymetric data in modelling reservoir catchment hydrology. Spatial Information Research.
2020 Rizinjirabake, F., P. Pilesjo, and D.E. Tenenbaum. 2020. Data for assessment of leached dissolved organic carbon in watersheds. Data in Brief. 32:106163.
2020 Yousif, M. and H.M. Hussien. 2020. Flash floods mitigation and assessment of groundwater possibilities using remote sensing and GIS applications: Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt. Bulletin of the National Research Centre. 44(1):
2019 Mahdizadeh Gharakhanlou, N. and M.S. Mesgari. 2019. DEVELOPING A CELLULAR AUTOMATA MODEL FOR SIMULATING RAINFALL-RUNOFF PROCESS (CASE STUDY: BABOL CATCHMENT). ISPRS - International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences. XLII-4/W18:697-702.
2019 Rizinjirabake, F., P. Pilesjo, and D.E. Tenenbaum. 2019. Dissolved organic carbon leaching flux in a mixed agriculture and forest watershed in Rwanda. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies. 26:100633.
2018 Ross, C.W., L. Prihodko, J. Anchang, S. Kumar, W. Ji, and N.P. Hanan. 2018. HYSOGs250m, global gridded hydrologic soil groups for curve-number-based runoff modeling. Scientific Data. 5:180091.