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Publications Citing Vegetation Biophysical Data (FIFE)

The following 6 publications cited the product Vegetation Biophysical Data (FIFE).

Year Citation
2019 Williams, K.E., A.B. Harper, C. Huntingford, L.M. Mercado, C.T. Mathison, P.D. Falloon, P.M. Cox, and J. Kim. 2019. How can the First ISLSCP Field Experiment contribute to present-day efforts to evaluate water stress in JULESv5.0?. Geoscientific Model Development. 12(7):3207-3240.
2002 Buermann, W. 2002. Analysis of a multiyear global vegetation leaf area index data set. Journal of Geophysical Research. 107(D22):
2002 Zibognon, M., R. Crago, and A. Suleiman. 2002. Conversion of radiometric to aerodynamic surface temperature with an anisothermal canopy model. Water Resources Research. 38(6):3-1-3-6.
1999 Sandmeier, S.R., E.M. Middleton, D.W. Deering, and W. Qin. 1999. The potential of hyperspectral bidirectional reflectance distribution function data for grass canopy characterization. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 104(D8):9547-9560.
1998 Colello, G.D., C. Grivet, P.J. Sellers, and J.A. Berry. 1998. Modeling of Energy, Water, and CO2Flux in a Temperate Grassland Ecosystem with SiB2: May-October 1987. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. 55(7):1141-1169.<1141:moewac>;2<1141:moewac>;2
1997 Anderson, M. 1997. A Two-Source Time-Integrated Model for Estimating Surface Fluxes Using Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing. Remote Sensing of Environment. 60(2):195-216.