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Publications Citing Decadal Land Use and Land Cover Classifications across India, 1985, 1995, 2005

The following 13 publications cited the product Decadal Land Use and Land Cover Classifications across India, 1985, 1995, 2005.

Year Citation
2022 Mudi, S., J.P. A, and P. Das. 2022. Flood Hazard Mapping in Assam Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data. 459-473.
2022 Thakur, P.K., P. Patel, V. Garg, A. Roy, P. Dhote, C.M. Bhatt, B.R. Nikam, A. Chouksey, and S.P. Aggarwal. 2022. Role of Geospatial Technology in Hydrological and Hydrodynamic Modeling-With Focus on Floods Studies. 103:483-503.
2021 Biswas, B., V. K.S, and R. Ranjan. 2021. Landslide susceptibility mapping using integrated approach of multi-criteria and geospatial techniques at Nilgiris district of India. Arabian Journal of Geosciences. 14(11):
2021 Das, S. and G. Scaringi. 2021. River flooding in a changing climate: rainfall-discharge trends, controlling factors, and susceptibility mapping for the Mahi catchment, Western India. Natural Hazards.
2021 Sharma, I., S.K. Mishra, and A. Pandey. 2021. A simple procedure for design flood estimation incorporating duration and return period of design rainfall. Arabian Journal of Geosciences. 14(13):
2020 Thakur, P.K., R. Ranjan, S. Singh, P.R. Dhote, V. Sharma, V. Srivastav, M. Dhasmana, S.P. Aggarwal, P. Chauhan, B.R. Nikam, V. Garg, and A. Chouksey. 2020. SYNERGISTIC USE OF REMOTE SENSING, GIS AND HYDROLOGICAL MODELS FOR STUDY OF AUGUST 2018 KERALA FLOODS. ISPRS - International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences. XLIII-B3-2020:1263-1270.
2020 Tripathy, S.S., H. Vittal, S. Karmakar, and S. Ghosh. 2020. Flood risk forecasting at weather to medium range incorporating weather model, topography, socio-economic information and land use exposure. Advances in Water Resources. 146:103785.
2019 Bera, S. and N. Das Chatterjee. 2019. Mapping and monitoring of land use dynamics with their change hotspot in North 24-Parganas district, India: a geospatial- and statistical-based approach. Modeling Earth Systems and Environment. 5(4):1529-1551.
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2018 Anand, J., A.K. Gosain, and R. Khosa. 2018. Prediction of land use changes based on Land Change Modeler and attribution of changes in the water balance of Ganga basin to land use change using the SWAT model. Science of The Total Environment. 644:503-519.
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2016 Meiyappan, P., P.S. Roy, Y. Sharma, R.M. Ramachandran, P.K. Joshi, R.S. DeFries, and A.K. Jain. 2016. Dynamics and determinants of land change in India: integrating satellite data with village socioeconomics. Regional Environmental Change. 17(3):753-766.