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Publications Citing Daymet: Daily Surface Weather Data on a 1-km Grid for North America, Version 3

The following 26 publications cited the product Daymet: Daily Surface Weather Data on a 1-km Grid for North America, Version 3.

Year Citation
2017 Bosart, Lance F.;Moore, Benjamin J.;Cordeira, Jason M.;Archambault, Heather M.; (2017) Interactions of North Pacific Tropical, Midlatitude, and Polar Disturbances Resulting in Linked Extreme Weather Events over North America in October 2007.Monthly Weather Review. 145(4): 1245-1273.
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2017 Daraio, Joseph A. (2017) Potential Climate Change Impacts on Streamflow and Recharge in Two Watersheds on the New Jersey Coastal Plain.Journal of Hydrologic Engineering. 22(6): .
2017 Driscoll, Jessica M.; Hay, Lauren E.; Bock, Andrew R. (2017) Spatiotemporal variability of snow depletion curves derived from SNODAS for the conterminous United States, 2004-2013.JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 53(3): 655-666.
2017 Flockhart, D. T. Tyler; Fitz-gerald, Blair; Brower, Lincoln P.; Derbyshire, Rachael; Altizer, Sonia; Hobson, Keith A.; Wassenaar, Leonard I.; Norris, D. Ryan (2017) Migration distance as a selective episode for wing morphology in a migratory insect.Movement Ecology. 5(1): 7.
2017 Henn, Brian; Newman, Andrew J.; Livneh, Ben; Daly, Christopher; Lundquist, Jessica D. (2017) An assessment of differences in gridded precipitation datasets in complex terrain.Journal of Hydrology. In Press, Corrected Proof(): .
2017 Hereford, Joe (2017) Genetic Divergence for Physiological Response to Temperature between Populations of a C3-C4 Intermediate Annual.International Journal of Plant Sciences. 178(6): 431-438.
2017 Jin, Zhenong; Zhuang, Qianlai; Wang, Jiali; Archontoulis, Sotirios V.; Zobel, Zachary; Kotamarthi, Veerabhadra R. (2017) The combined and separate impacts of climate extremes on the current and future US rainfed maize and soybean production under elevated CO2.Global Change Biology. 23(7): 2687-2704.
2017 Kanno, Yoichiro; Kulp, Matt A.; Moore, Stephen E.; Grossman, Gary D. (2017) Native brook trout and invasive rainbow trout respond differently to seasonal weather variation: Spawning timing matters.Freshwater Biology. 62(5): 868-879.
2017 Krofcheck, Daniel J.; Hurteau, Matthew D.; Scheller, Robert M.; Loudermilk, E. Louise (2017) Restoring surface fire stabilizes forest carbon under extreme fire weather in the Sierra Nevada.Ecosphere. 8(1): .
2017 Liu, Xing;Jacobs, Elin;Kumar, Anil;Biehl, Larry;Andresen, Jeff;Niyogi, Dev; (2017) The Purdue Agro-climatic (PAC) dataset for the U.S. Corn Belt: Development and initial results.Climate Risk Management. 15(): 61-72.
2017 Myer, Mark H.; Campbell, Scott R.; Johnston, John M. (2017) Spatiotemporal modeling of ecological and sociological predictors of West Nile virus in Suffolk County, NY, mosquitoes.Ecosphere. 8(6): .
2017 Rastogi, Deeksha; Kao, Shih-Chieh; Ashfaq, Moetasim; Mei, Rui; Kabela, Erik D.; Gangrade, Sudershan; Naz, Bibi S.; Preston, Benjamin L.; Singh, Nagendra; Anantharaj, Valentine G. (2017) Effects of climate change on probable maximum precipitation: A sensitivity study over the Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa River Basin.Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 122(9): 4808-4828.
2017 Rose, Kevin C.;Greb, Steven R.;Diebel, Matthew;Turner, Monica G.; (2017) Annual precipitation regulates spatial and temporal drivers of lake water clarity.Ecological Applications. 27(2): 632-643.
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2017 Zhu, Likai; Radeloff, Volker C.; Ives, Anthony R. (2017) Characterizing global patterns of frozen ground with and without snow cover using microwave and MODIS satellite data products.Remote Sensing of Environment. 191(): 168-178.
2016 Farmaha, Bhupinder S.;Lobell, David B.;Boone, Katherine E.;Cassman, Kenneth G.;Yang, Haishun S.;Grassini, Patricio; (2016) Contribution of persistent factors to yield gaps in high-yield irrigated maize.Field Crops Research. 186(): 124-132.
2016 Hahn, Micah B.;Jarnevich, Catherine S.;Monaghan, Andrew J.;Eisen, Rebecca J.; (2016) Modeling the Geographic Distribution ofIxodes scapularisandIxodes pacificus(Acari: Ixodidae) in the Contiguous United States.Journal of Medical Entomology. 53(5): 1176-1191.
2016 Jin, Zhenong;Zhuang, Qianlai;Tan, Zeli;Dukes, Jeffrey S.;Zheng, Bangyou;Melillo, Jerry M.; (2016) Do maize models capture the impacts of heat and drought stresses on yield? Using algorithm ensembles to identify successful approaches.Global Change Biology. (): .
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2016 Yu, Eugene G.;Di, Liping;Kang, Lingjun;Shrestha, Ranjay;Rahman, Md Shahinoor;Lin, Li;Deng, Meixia;Yang, Zhengwei; (2016) Online parameterization for WOFOST for United States using open geospatial standards.. (): 1-6.
2016 Zhong, Jia;Yu, T. Edward;Larson, James A.;English, Burton C.;Fu, Joshua S.;Calcagno, James; (2016) Analysis of environmental and economic tradeoffs in switchgrass supply chains for biofuel production.Energy. 107(): 791-803.