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Publications Citing CARVE: CH4, CO2, and CO Atmospheric Concentrations, CARVE Tower, Alaska, 2012-2014

The following 4 publications cited the product CARVE: CH4, CO2, and CO Atmospheric Concentrations, CARVE Tower, Alaska, 2012-2014.

Year Citation
2021 Randazzo, N.A., A.M. Michalak, C.E. Miller, S.M. Miller, Y.P. Shiga, and Y. Fang. 2021. Higher Autumn Temperatures Lead to Contrasting CO 2 Flux Responses in Boreal Forests Versus Tundra and Shrubland . Geophysical Research Letters. 48(18):
2021 Wiggins, E.B., A. Andrews, C. Sweeney, J.B. Miller, C.E. Miller, S. Veraverbeke, R. Commane, S. Wofsy, J.M. Henderson, and J.T. Randerson. 2021. Boreal forest fire CO and CH<sub>4</sub> emission factors derived from tower observations in Alaska during the extreme fire season of 2015. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 21(11):8557-8574.
2016 Karion, A., C. Sweeney, J.B. Miller, A.E. Andrews, R. Commane, S. Dinardo, J.M. Henderson, J. Lindaas, J.C. Lin, K.A. Luus, T. Newberger, P. Tans, S.C. Wofsy, S. Wolter, and C.E. Miller. 2016. Investigating Alaskan methane and carbon dioxide fluxes using measurements from the CARVE tower. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 16(8):5383-5398.
2016 Wiggins, E.B., S. Veraverbeke, J.M. Henderson, A. Karion, J.B. Miller, J. Lindaas, R. Commane, C. Sweeney, K.A. Luus, M.G. Tosca, S.J. Dinardo, S. Wofsy, C.E. Miller, and J.T. Randerson. 2016. The influence of daily meteorology on boreal fire emissions and regional trace gas variability. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 121(11):2793-2810.