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Publications Citing Global 1-km Gridded Thickness of Soil, Regolith, and Sedimentary Deposit Layers

The following 17 publications cited the product Global 1-km Gridded Thickness of Soil, Regolith, and Sedimentary Deposit Layers.

Year Citation
2021 Munoz-Torrero Manchado, A., S. Allen, J.A. Ballesteros-Canovas, A. Dhakal, M.R. Dhital, and M. Stoffel. 2021. Three decades of landslide activity in western Nepal: new insights into trends and climate drivers. Landslides.
2021 Poggio, L., L.M. de Sousa, N.H. Batjes, G.B.M. Heuvelink, B. Kempen, E. Ribeiro, and D. Rossiter. 2021. SoilGrids 2.0: producing soil information for the globe with quantified spatial uncertainty. SOIL. 7(1):217-240.
2021 Sanderman, J., J.A. Baldock, S.R.S. Dangal, S. Ludwig, S. Potter, C. Rivard, and K. Savage. 2021. Soil organic carbon fractions in the Great Plains of the United States: an application of mid-infrared spectroscopy. Biogeochemistry.
2021 Tang, F.H.M., M. Lenzen, A. McBratney, and F. Maggi. 2021. Risk of pesticide pollution at the global scale. Nature Geoscience. 14(4):206-210.
2020 Cronin, J., F. Zabel, O. Dessens, and G. Anandarajah. 2020. Land suitability for energy crops under scenarios of climate change and land-use. GCB Bioenergy. 12(8):648-665.
2020 Podgorski, J. and M. Berg. 2020. Global threat of arsenic in groundwater. Science. 368(6493):845-850.
2020 Tian, X., F. Minunno, T. Cao, M. Peltoniemi, T. Kalliokoski, and A. Makela. 2020. Extending the range of applicability of the semi-empirical ecosystem flux model PRELES for varying forest types and climate. Global Change Biology. 26(5):2923-2943.
2019 Bogard, M.J., C.D. Kuhn, S.E. Johnston, R.G. Striegl, G.W. Holtgrieve, M.M. Dornblaser, R.G.M. Spencer, K.P. Wickland, and D.E. Butman. 2019. Negligible cycling of terrestrial carbon in many lakes of the arid circumpolar landscape. Nature Geoscience. 12(3):180-185.
2019 Karjalainen, O., J. Aalto, M. Luoto, S. Westermann, V.E. Romanovsky, F.E. Nelson, B. Etzelmuller, and J. Hjort. 2019. Circumpolar permafrost maps and geohazard indices for near-future infrastructure risk assessments. Scientific Data. 6:190037.
2019 Melton, J.R., D.L. Verseghy, R. Sospedra-Alfonso, and S. Gruber. 2019. Improving permafrost physics in the coupled Canadian Land Surface Scheme (v.3.6.2) and Canadian Terrestrial Ecosystem Model (v.2.1) (CLASS-CTEM). Geoscientific Model Development. 12(10):4443-4467.
2018 Hjort, J., O. Karjalainen, J. Aalto, S. Westermann, V.E. Romanovsky, F.E. Nelson, B. Etzelmuller, and M. Luoto. 2018. Degrading permafrost puts Arctic infrastructure at risk by mid-century. Nature Communications. 9(1):
2018 Tan, Z., L.R. Leung, H.Y. Li, and T. Tesfa. 2018. Modeling Sediment Yield in Land Surface and Earth System Models: Model Comparison, Development, and Evaluation. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems. 10(9):2192-2213.
2017 Fang, Y.H., X. Zhang, C. Corbari, M. Mancini, G.Y. Niu, and W. Zeng. 2017. Improving the Xin'anjiang hydrological model based on mass-energy balance. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 21(7):3359-3375.
2017 Melton, J.R., R. Sospedra-Alfonso, and K.E. McCusker. 2017. Tiling soil textures for terrestrial ecosystem modelling via clustering analysis: a case study with CLASS-CTEM (version 2.1). Geoscientific Model Development. 10(7):2761-2783.
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2016 Pelletier, J.D., P.D. Broxton, P. Hazenberg, X. Zeng, P.A. Troch, G.Y. Niu, Z. Williams, M.A. Brunke, and D. Gochis. 2016. A gridded global data set of soil, intact regolith, and sedimentary deposit thicknesses for regional and global land surface modeling. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems. 8(1):41-65.