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Publications Citing CMS: Forest Inventory and Biophysical Measurements, Para, Brazil, 2012-2014

The following 4 publications cited the product CMS: Forest Inventory and Biophysical Measurements, Para, Brazil, 2012-2014.

Year Citation
2019 Tejada, G., E.B. Gorgens, F.D.B. Espirito-Santo, R.Z. Cantinho, and J.P. Ometto. 2019. Evaluating spatial coverage of data on the aboveground biomass in undisturbed forests in the Brazilian Amazon. Carbon Balance and Management. 14(1):
2018 Cook, R.B., Y. Wei, L.A. Hook, S.K.S. Vannan, and J.J. McNelis 2018. Preserve: Protecting Data for Long-Term Use. Ecological Informatics.
2018 Petrova, I., D. Miralles, C. van Heerwaarden, and H. Wouters. 2018. Relation between Convective Rainfall Properties and Antecedent Soil Moisture Heterogeneity Conditions in North Africa. Remote Sensing. 10(6):969.
2018 Qu, Y., A. Shaker, C. Silva, C. Klauberg, and E. Pinage. 2018. Remote Sensing of Leaf Area Index from LiDAR Height Percentile Metrics and Comparison with MODIS Product in a Selectively Logged Tropical Forest Area in Eastern Amazonia. Remote Sensing. 10(6):970.