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Publications Citing MODIS NDVI Data, Smoothed and Gap-filled, for the Conterminous US: 2000-2015

The following 12 publications cited the product MODIS NDVI Data, Smoothed and Gap-filled, for the Conterminous US: 2000-2015.

Year Citation
2020 Brooks, B.G.J., D.C. Lee, L.Y. Pomara, and W.W. Hargrove. 2020. Monitoring Broadscale Vegetational Diversity and Change across North American Landscapes Using Land Surface Phenology. Forests. 11(6):606.
2020 Konduri, V.S., J. Kumar, W.W. Hargrove, F.M. Hoffman, and A.R. Ganguly. 2020. Mapping crops within the growing season across the United States. Remote Sensing of Environment. 251:112048.
2020 Maurer, G.E., A.J. Hallmark, R.F. Brown, O.E. Sala, and S.L. Collins. 2020. Sensitivity of primary production to precipitation across the United States. Ecology Letters. 23(3):527-536.
2020 Williams, E., C. Funk, S. Shukla, and D. McEvoy. 2020. Quantifying Human-Induced Temperature Impacts on the 2018 United States Four Corners Hydrologic and Agro-Pastoral Drought. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 101(1):S11-S16.
2019 Brooks, B.G.J. and D.C. Lee. 2019. Feasibility of pattern type classification for landscape patterns using the AG-curve. Landscape Ecology. 34(9):2149-2157.
2019 Huang, X., C. Wang, and J. Lu. 2019. Understanding the spatiotemporal development of human settlement in hurricane-prone areas on the US Atlantic and Gulf coasts using nighttime remote sensing. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. 19(10):2141-2155.
2019 Kessler, W.H., C. Ganser, and G.E. Glass. 2019. Modeling the Distribution of Medically Important Tick Species in Florida. Insects. 10(7):190.
2019 Oikonomou, P.D., D.E. Tsesmelis, R.M. Waskom, N.S. Grigg, and C.A. Karavitis. 2019. Enhancing the standardized drought vulnerability index by integrating spatiotemporal information from satellite and in situ data. Journal of Hydrology. 569:265-277.
2019 Spiegal, S., R.E. Estell, A.F. Cibils, D.K. James, H.R. Peinetti, D.M. Browning, K.B. Romig, A.L. Gonzalez, A.J. Lyons, and B.T. Bestelmeyer. 2019. Seasonal Divergence of Landscape Use by Heritage and Conventional Cattle on Desert Rangeland. Rangeland Ecology & Management. 72(4):590-601.
2019 Spruce, Hicke, Hargrove, Grulke, and Meddens. 2019. Use of MODIS NDVI Products to Map Tree Mortality Levels in Forests Affected by Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks. Forests. 10(9):811.
2018 Pun, V.C., J. Manjourides, and H.H. Suh. 2018. Association of neighborhood greenness with self-perceived stress, depression and anxiety symptoms in older U.S adults. Environmental Health. 17(1):
2017 . 2017. Spring and Autumn Phenological Variability across Environmental Gradients of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA. Remote Sensing. 9(5):407.