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Publications Citing MODIS Collection 5 Land Product Subsets Web Service

The following 5 publications cited the product MODIS Collection 5 Land Product Subsets Web Service.

Year Citation
2019 El Masri, B., A.F. Rahman, and D. Dragoni. 2019. Evaluating a new algorithm for satellite-based evapotranspiration for North American ecosystems: Model development and validation. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 268:234-248.
2019 Renwick, K.M., A. Fellows, G.N. Flerchinger, K.A. Lohse, P.E. Clark, W.K. Smith, K. Emmett, and B. Poulter. 2019. Modeling phenological controls on carbon dynamics in dryland sagebrush ecosystems. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 274:85-94.
2018 Martinez, B., S. Sanchez-Ruiz, M.A. Gilabert, A. Moreno, M. Campos-Taberner, F.J. Garcia-Haro, I.F. Trigo, M. Aurela, C. Brummer, A. Carrara, A. De Ligne, D. Gianelle, T. Grunwald, J.M. Limousin, A. Lohila, I. Mammarella, M. Sottocornola, R. Steinbrecher, and T. Tagesson. 2018. Retrieval of daily gross primary production over Europe and Africa from an ensemble of SEVIRI/MSG products. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation. 65:124-136.
2017 Hwang, T., H. Gholizadeh, D.A. Sims, K.A. Novick, E.R. Brzostek, R.P. Phillips, D.T. Roman, S.M. Robeson, and A.F. Rahman. 2017. Capturing species-level drought responses in a temperate deciduous forest using ratios of photochemical reflectance indices between sunlit and shaded canopies. Remote Sensing of Environment. 199:350-359.
2017 Van Soesbergen, A., K. Nilsen, N.D. Burgess, S. Szabo, and Z. Matthews. 2017. Food and nutrition security trends and challenges in the Ganges Brahmaputra Meghna (GBM) delta. Elem Sci Anth. 5:56.