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Publications Citing Harmonized Global Land Use for Years 1500 -2100, V1

The following 3 publications cited the product Harmonized Global Land Use for Years 1500 -2100, V1.

Year Citation
2017 Aleman, Julie C.; Blarquez, Olivier; Gourlet-Fleury, Sylvie; Bremond, Laurent; Favier, Charly (2017) Tree cover in Central Africa: determinants and sensitivity under contrasted scenarios of global change.Scientific Reports. 7(): 41393.
2017 Redding, David W.; Tiedt, Sonia; Lo Iacono, Gianni; Bett, Bernard; Jones, Kate E. (2017) Spatial, seasonal and climatic predictive models of Rift Valley fever disease across Africa.Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 372(1725): .
2016 Aleman, Julie C.;Blarquez, Olivier;Carla Staver, A.; (2016) Land-use change outweighs projected effects of changing rainfall on tree cover in sub-Saharan Africa.Global Change Biology. (): .