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Publications Citing LUH1: Harmonized Global Land Use for Years 1500-2100, V1

The following 10 publications cited the product LUH1: Harmonized Global Land Use for Years 1500-2100, V1.

Year Citation
2021 Hartung, K., A. Bastos, L. Chini, R. Ganzenmuller, F. Havermann, G.C. Hurtt, T. Loughran, J.E.M.S. Nabel, T. Nutzel, W.A. Obermeier, and J. Pongratz. 2021. Bookkeeping estimates of the net land-use change flux - a sensitivity study with the CMIP6 land-use dataset. Earth System Dynamics. 12(2):763-782.
2019 Nikiel, C.A. and E.A.B. Eltahir. 2019. Summer Climate Change in the Midwest and Great Plains due to Agricultural Development during the Twentieth Century. Journal of Climate. 32(17):5583-5599.
2018 Huang, K., J. Xia, Y. Wang, A. Ahlstrom, J. Chen, R.B. Cook, E. Cui, Y. Fang, J.B. Fisher, D.N. Huntzinger, Z. Li, A.M. Michalak, Y. Qiao, K. Schaefer, C. Schwalm, J. Wang, Y. Wei, X. Xu, L. Yan, C. Bian, and Y. Luo. 2018. Enhanced peak growth of global vegetation and its key mechanisms. Nature Ecology & Evolution. 2(12):1897-1905.
2018 Seebens, H., T.M. Blackburn, E.E. Dyer, P. Genovesi, P.E. Hulme, J.M. Jeschke, S. Pagad, P. Pysek, M. van Kleunen, M. Winter, M. Ansong, M. Arianoutsou, S. Bacher, B. Blasius, E.G. Brockerhoff, G. Brundu, C. Capinha, C.E. Causton, L. Celesti-Grapow, W. Dawson, S. Dullinger, E.P. Economo, N. Fuentes, B. Guenard, H. Jager, J. Kartesz, M. Kenis, I. Kuhn, B. Lenzner, A.M. Liebhold, A. Mosena, D. Moser, W. Nentwig, M. Nishino, D. Pearman, J. Pergl, W. Rabitsch, J. Rojas-Sandoval, A. Roques, S. Rorke, S. Rossinelli, H.E. Roy, R. Scalera, S. Schindler, K. Stajerova, B. Tokarska-Guzik, K. Walker, D.F. Ward, T. Yamanaka, and F. Essl. 2018. Global rise in emerging alien species results from increased accessibility of new source pools. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 115(10):E2264-E2273.
2018 Yamagata, Y., N. Hanasaki, A. Ito, T. Kinoshita, D. Murakami, and Q. Zhou. 2018. Estimating water-food-ecosystem trade-offs for the global negative emission scenario (IPCC-RCP2.6). Sustainability Science. 13(2):301-313.
2018 Zeng, Z., L. Estes, A.D. Ziegler, A. Chen, T. Searchinger, F. Hua, K. Guan, A. Jintrawet, and E. F. Wood. 2018. Highland cropland expansion and forest loss in Southeast Asia in the twenty-first century. Nature Geoscience. 11(8):556-562.
2017 Aleman, J.C., O. Blarquez, S. Gourlet-Fleury, L. Bremond, and C. Favier. 2017. Tree cover in Central Africa: determinants and sensitivity under contrasted scenarios of global change. Scientific Reports. 7(1):
2017 Boke-Olen, N., A.M. Abdi, O. Hall, and V. Lehsten. 2017. High-resolution African population projections from radiative forcing and socio-economic models, 2000 to 2100. Scientific Data. 4:160130.
2017 Redding, D.W., S. Tiedt, G. Lo Iacono, B. Bett, and K.E. Jones. 2017. Spatial, seasonal and climatic predictive models of Rift Valley fever disease across Africa. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 372(1725):20160165.
2016 Aleman, J.C., O. Blarquez, and C.A. Staver. 2016. Land-use change outweighs projected effects of changing rainfall on tree cover in sub-Saharan Africa. Global Change Biology. 22(9):3013-3025.