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Publications Citing LUH1: Harmonized Global Land Use for Years 1500-2100, V1

The following 19 publications cited the product LUH1: Harmonized Global Land Use for Years 1500-2100, V1.

Year Citation
2023 Dubois, E., M. Larocque, and P. Brunner. 2023. Impact of land cover changes on Long?Term Regional?Scale groundwater recharge simulation in cold and humid climates. Hydrological Processes. 37(2).
2022 Devaraju, N., R. Prudhomme, A. Lungarska, X. Wang, Z. Yin, N. de Noblet-Ducoudré, R. Chakir, P. Jayet, T. Brunelle, N. Viovy, A. De Palma, R. Gonzalez, and P. Ciais. 2022. Quantifying the benefits of reducing synthetic nitrogen application policy on ecosystem carbon sequestration and biodiversity. Scientific Reports. 12(1).
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2022 Zhang, H., R. Lauerwald, P. Ciais, K. Van Oost, B. Guenet, and P. Regnier. 2022. Global changes alter the amount and composition of land carbon deliveries to European rivers and seas. Communications Earth & Environment. 3(1).
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