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Publications Citing A Global Database of Litterfall Mass and Litter Pool Carbon and Nutrients

The following 8 publications cited the product A Global Database of Litterfall Mass and Litter Pool Carbon and Nutrients.

Year Citation
2019 Fatichi, S., C. Pappas, J. Zscheischler, and S. Leuzinger. 2019. Modelling carbon sources and sinks in terrestrial vegetation. New Phytologist. 221(2):652-668.
2019 Fatichi, S., S. Manzoni, D. Or, and A. Paschalis. 2019. A Mechanistic Model of Microbially Mediated Soil Biogeochemical Processes: A Reality Check. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 33(6):620-648.
2019 Li, S., W. Yuan, P. Ciais, N. Viovy, A. Ito, B. Jia, and D. Zhu. 2019. Benchmark estimates for aboveground litterfall data derived from ecosystem models. Environmental Research Letters. 14(8):084020.
2019 Schwendenmann, L. and B. Michalzik. 2019. Dissolved and particulate carbon and nitrogen fluxes along a Phytophthora agathidicida infection gradient in a kauri (Agathis australis) dominated forest. Fungal Ecology. 42:100861.
2019 Tang, F.H.M., W.J. Riley, and F. Maggi. 2019. Hourly and daily rainfall intensification causes opposing effects on C and N emissions, storage, and leaching in dry and wet grasslands. Biogeochemistry. 144(2):197-214.
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2016 Wang, X., Z. Bao, C.J. Lin, W. Yuan, and X. Feng. 2016. Assessment of Global Mercury Deposition through Litterfall. Environmental Science & Technology. 50(16):8548-8557.