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Publications Citing MODIS Collection 5 Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool

The following 12 publications cited the product MODIS Collection 5 Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool.

Year Citation
2017 Bai, Yun; Zhang, Jiahua; Zhang, Sha; Koju, Upama Ashish; Yao, Fengmei; Igbawua, Tertsea (2017) Using precipitation, vertical root distribution, and satellite-retrieved vegetation information to parameterize water stress in a Penman-Monteith approach to evapotranspiration modeling under Mediterranean climate.Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems. 9(1): 168-192.
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2017 Choi, Kwanghun; Arnhold, Sebastian; Huwe, Bernd; Reineking, Björn (2017) Daily Based Morgan–Morgan–Finney (DMMF) Model: A Spatially Distributed Conceptual Soil Erosion Model to Simulate Complex Soil Surface Configurations.Water. 9(4): 278.
2017 Gemitzi, Alexandra; Ajami, Hoori; Richnow, Hans-Hermann (2017) Developing empirical monthly groundwater recharge equations based on modeling and remote sensing data – Modeling future groundwater recharge to predict potential climate change impacts.Journal of Hydrology. 546(): 42748.
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